I am qualified in the Person-Centred approach to counselling. Person-Centred counselling is based on the understanding that we all have an innate ability to grow, flourish and reach our full potential, given the right environment.


This approach offers a unique therapeutic relationship that is characterised by 'congruence' (an open and genuine dialogue), 'unconditional positive regard' (non-judgemental acceptance of, and respect for the client), and 'empathy' (the counsellor works towards gaining a deep understanding of the client and their world).

This open and accepting relationship is therapeutic because it promotes self understanding and self acceptance which, in turn, allows for growth and change.

Person-Centred counselling is often referred to as non-directive because the client decides what they want to talk about. The counsellor follows the client's lead and, rather than making diagnoses or offering solutions, encourages the client to find their own ways forward. In this kind of therapy the client gains confidence in their ability to direct their own life and manage life's problems.

While the Person-Centred philosophy forms the basis of my counselling style, I also draw on other theories of personal development and may use a more directive or psycho-educational approach where appropriate.